The Seven Tinder Sins for Men

Dear men, let the following things be said, if you ever want to be fucked again by a Tinder-Girl.


The fact that Tinder has contributed his part to the prediction of our society and still has a bit of complicity in the fact that our generation is a bunch of ruthless self-proponents does not alter the fact that Tinder is pretty much the best place in the world if one is looking for short-term entertainment And / or sex . This is probably the reason why I have already been registered three times on Tinder.
The reason why I deleted my profile again and again in a light-hearted moment is probably the fact that as a woman on Tinder you get to see things that you would like to immediately flush with a lot of perfume from your brain . There is a perverse, distressing Sodom and Gomorrah on the men’s Tinder profiles, and the same is almost as blind as the perfume-almost overtly overturned upper body, half-stiff penises, and absurd description texts.

Dear men of this world: Please stop showing up so crappy on the Internet and let the following seven things be said of me if you ever want to be fucked again by a Tinder-Girl.

Fetish pictures

The “I Love Female Feet” profile of a passionate toe lollipop or a “diaper lover” who gathers his Tinderellas with a picture of his ass wrapped in a diaper are just two of the gorgeous fetishes encountered in the dating paradise. On the other hand, a 28-year-old Windelarsch is a perfect reason to erase Tinder for the fourth time and to make sure that you never miss a second with this shit. On the other hand, you definitely know what you are dealing with. The Diaper-Lover does not conceal his dirty thoughts, but leaves them free to run in his adult diapers and the whole world can participate in it. At least we girls here are not dazzled by badly edited selfies, but immediately with the hard, In diapers squirting truth. Nevertheless, you must be aware that your fetish images are our diaphragm.


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Upper body images

Just as girls like to brag about their breasts and put them on Tinder more or less skilfully by strapping them under the chin with the help of their cheap Dirndl, the male athletes and gymnastics want to present their body. With herausblitzendem Calvin Klein cuffs and the slight pubic approach including (erroneously called by some as “The Road of Happiness”, although it almost always leads to a dead end) you want so score with women? If your audience from Q-Dorf -Besucherinnen is, you have so well succeed. Otherwise, I can only advise you not to spread Close-ups of your upper body more on the Internet. show us prefer your face. If you’re ugly around the eyes,

Description text

The description texts on Tinder are the essence, which in case of doubt decides whether you get a heart or an X. Men like to share their body size (alternatively penis size), write that they are a real bad boy, or want to win the hearts of the women with a particularly profound quote from Ghandi or Drake. But probably there is a bit of truth in every description text, and if you see such a pretentious, self-loving, or pseudo-profound bullshit as a proper short biography for you, this is probably true. Just do not expect any willing girls, who are lying at your feet because of your word-work.

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Pictures of your stand

The stand image is the small, much worse twins brother of the upper body images. Correctly, this twin brother, who lives in Horror film and chained on the attic and after his death the family heimucht. Of course, Tinder is ultimately about sex, so images from your stature are also legitimate in a strange, twisted way. In another rational way they are definitely not, because at a date you do not give a woman a greeting (hopefully) also simply your penis in the face. The mere possession of a penis does not automatically qualify you for the Tinder-Recall, I’m sorry. I do not want to say that the quality of your best piece is irrelevant-a first impression, however, I would rather have from your person, Your face and your radiance. The penis is usually explored only a little later.

Holiday pictures with animals

Have you ever ridden on an elephant? Wow. A monkey pushed you with a wheelchair through an African village? You are so mundane and experienced – and still animal-loving. And that is what you want to show us with these pictures? We understood it. In the ideal case, you can also see your tanned upper body in the picture, which shines with so much sunshine only and distracts us from your rather moderate face. Though I hate you and never ever give you data, you have enriched my life because I have actually seen a picture of a wheelchair pushing monkey – which makes me very happy.


On days when I feel ugly or ugly, I go no matter, in which weather – basically only with sunglasses from the house. But that does not mean that I have to make my profile picture for Tinder on these days or with this look. Types that have only sunglasses images on Tinder do not seem to know what the difference between cat days in real life and profile image days is for social media. OK, if you do not want to keep your new sunglasses, which you bought for half of your precarious internship salary , the women’s world by no means, then it does. No one will blame you or will not want you to match because you wear sunglasses in one of several pictures. On the rest of the pictures, your face should at least be approximate, because otherwise one quickly becomes suspicious. Only on vacation pictures are sunglasses regularly allowed, and since vacation pictures – as we have already learned – actually have nothing to look at Tinder, let better be both both.

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The bad sayings

If you have a match with a girl you really like, then there is only one deadly sin – the bad match. I think no romance and no successful affair starts with the saying “Can you swim? I would really like to push you into the pool “or with the simple exclamation” bosom! ” Yes, I have bosom, Sherlock. Stop thinking girls would find such sayings funny or not aware of their anatomy. Neither the bosom type nor the pool bumpers got a response from me. And if you get an answer from yourselves on such a saying, this woman will stick forever. Because she is obviously just as horny as her. If your lame Tinder profiles really a girl falls, It is even worse around our world than Verena thought.