The best tricks FIFA 17: dominates and surprises

The EA Sports star game continues to evolve as it does every year, and in the delivery for the 2016/2017 season it continues to improve facets of the game. But many of the improvements, looking for more realism, end up also increasing the difficulty, so we will briefly summarize through tutorials and video tutorials, the fundamental aspects that we must master, the best tips and tricks FIFA 17.

The most important FIFA 17 tricks

The penalties

Like the rest of the plays, the penalties have changed. The dynamics remain the same, but now we will have to be more aware of the previous position of the player and of the race until it hits the ball. When it comes to being under the sticks, there is no great novelty.

In any case, it is advisable to review the technique well in order not to fail, or to take advantage or better possible this type of plays that are more habitual than it seems. In this section to which you have to dedicate some time, there are many tricks FIFA 17.

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Something similar happens to the penalties. The dynamics remain the same, although the number of variants and possibilities is expanded, and also with each player must choose well the choice of shot we want, as it has to adapt to their skills and attributes.

The power, effects, placement, positioning of the player, his skills, the use of additional players. To dominate this facet is even more important than the penalties. Not everyone knows how to throw fouls, although it takes years to play, and it is the ball game that depends more on our ability with the controls.

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Fouls of rabona

This more than a trick looks like a bug. They have a very high effectiveness, can only throw them Cristiano Ronaldo, and to make matters worse are easier to execute than a lack with effect. It is true that not from any position they work.

You can make rabolas at other times of the game, both to center and to shoot at the door. We leave a video tutorial of rabonas, so that they can perform them whenever they want.

Fouls below the barrier

They have always existed, but they are still one of the best tricks FIFA 17. If the barrier jumps, usually do to cover the usual launch, leave a gap that we can take advantage of shooting and will be very likely to finish goal. It’s not one of the new tricks FIFA 17, but it’s still just as effective.

Launch of corners

It is the section of stampede that most new features in the new FIFA 17. More than one of the tricks FIFA 17, is going to be one of the easiest ways to score. The possibility of aiming and directing the ball better towards the spaces has led to reactions of concern on the part of the gamers. It is feared that it may be too easy to score corner goals and is expected to be a much more influential play in the game than it was until now.

It is expected that due to their impact, teams with good centerers and with high finishers will occupy the top positions among the most played teams of the game. Teams like Manchester or Real Madrid should benefit, but teams like FC Barcelona, ​​quite the opposite.

Chopped head shots

It is one of the novelties of FIFA 17, now the head captions can be stung, or directed at the height of the feet. If the corners end up being as determinant as it seems, it will be a forced variant of learning.

We leave you with a video tutorial so you do not have to learn the technique of one of the new tricks FIFA 17:


In the first versions that were incorporated it seemed that they were going to remain in mere adornments. But nowadays, those who dominate them are very likely to impose themselves on their rivals. So it is advisable to master at least 3 or 4.

Let’s take into account that each player can execute watermarks based on the stars in skill moves. That is, the most complicated can only be made by players with five stars in ability. These are players with 5 stars in skill moves .


The centers have been one of the great disadvantaged in recent editions. The best players of FIFA 17 in the world hardly use them since they argue that they have lost enough effectiveness and prefer to use dribbling and attack by the center matching.

We think that we should not give up the races by the band looking for the head shot if we have the appropriate players for it. Although now more than ever we must master this technique if we want to take advantage of it.

Here we leave a video tutorial with a technique of center that continues to work quite well:

In-depth pass through

It is an alternative to the centers and still works quite well. Depending on the player we are driving and the position of the field we are in can be much more effective than centering. But it requires players with vision and long pass who attend. And also players with clear and speed to receive the ball.

For many it is the best way to “center”. We leave a video tutorial of passes in depth that has no waste:

Attributes and abilities

It may seem obvious, but you have to know our players perfectly. And that means not staying in the global ratings or the 6 main attributes. Each attribute is composed of abilities that define what type of moves is most suitable for our player. And that team member is the most suitable to perform certain actions.

With the attribute “passes” it looks very clear. There are several skills such as centers, short passes and long passes. And the normal thing is that except the best players of the game only stand out in some of them. That is, no matter how good a goalkeeper is, to give the last pass or seek assistance, it is very unlikely that it will be good in all three skills, so we must choose how to give that pass according to his best ability.

The best players by position

It may seem obvious. But by reviewing the best players in each position, attribute or skill, we are sure to find players who can be very useful to improve our team. Both because they individually improve what we have and because their abilities compensate those of our team. It is advisable to know in advance the attributes and skills that we already have among our players.