Clash Royale: Lavahund, Mineur & Funki – Legendary newcomers

With the latest update, the three new legendary cards Lavahund, Mineur and Funki are now available at Clash Royale.

For a few days now, many of us have been eagerly waiting for the new Clash Royale characters such as the Lavahund. Now the legendary maps are finally available and we explain to you the characteristics of Lavahund, Mineur & Funki in this post.

At the end of the article you will find an impressive video in which the newcomers are in combat. Worth watching!

In addition to the legendary newcomers, there are now also fire spirits, oven and watchman.

Clash Royale Lavahund (Lava Hound)

The Lavahund was mentioned a few days ago, and it was speculated whether he would come or not. The Lavahund is a majestic flying beast attacking the building. The lava marshes are less majestic furious babies, who are attacking everything.


Clash Royale Mineur (Miner)

The mineur is a real talent because he can dig up an underground path and reappear in the arena. But it is not magic but its shovel that allows him that 😉

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Clash Royale Funki (Sparky)

The Funki could remind you of a design idea from Boom Beach. But this is not what makes Funki so special. Because Funki is enormously powerful and has a destructive force of 1898 which must be used however only once correctly. If you see the Sparky the first time in the game, you will be surprised how big this is.

Video with Lavahund, Mineur, Funki & Co

In the following video you can take a look what Funki & Co can do. Really impressive and see who can best deal with it.

Clash Royale Fire Spirit, Oven & Watcher

You will find the other new maps in a separate article for a better overview. There we go closer to the fire spirits, the oven and the guards.

Clash Royale Overview

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