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Real Racing 3 Gold Hack

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With the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is now also launching Konami in the mobile games world. You can also feel the power of the cards on your smartphone when you are a duel against the AI ​​or other players. Yu-Gi-Oh!Duel Links is available for free on Google Play and App Store. To help you get started, we have put together some tips and tricks for you in this article.

You can expect more than 700 cards that you can collect and use in combat. In addition, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel left in the past, because you will not only meet Yugi, but also Kaiba or Joey, we know from the anime series . We find ourselves in the beginnings of Yu-Gi-Oh! again.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – tips and tricks for all card players

In the download charts , Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel left shot straight up. The famous collectible card game thus celebrates its comeback . You can deliver exciting battles in real time and build up a considerable collection of maps. The very rare, valuable cards are displayed in the game by 3D animation. This includes, for example, the Blue-eyed White Dragon , which is intended for every fan.

The following tips will help you improve your map deck , improve your reward, and earn many Gems . For the latter, we have our own guide in the repertoire.

  • Select character : At the beginning you must decide for a character. You can choose Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba. But if you choose here, it is up to you. Both have a good ground deck, with which you can play without problems at the beginning. Kaiba, however, owns the strongest monster, the White Dragon. After you have decided for one of the two, you do not have to worry about not being able to play with the other. You switch the other character to level 15. In the same way, you will be able to unlock more duelists, for example Joey and Mai. If you are an ideal player, choose characters that have field skills. These include Yugi, Kaiba and Rex. You can adjust the map decks later,
    Yami Yugi was the hero of the anime series. You can call him at Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel left as duel character select.
  • Tutorial : After the character selection starts the tutorial, where you can play a few trial duels. If you already have experience, then you can skip the tutorial of course. If you are out of the practice or new in the metier, then the tutorial definitely with.
  • Rules of Simplified Duels : In order to be able to play in the Duel World, the card game for the smartphone variant has been somewhat simplified. You now have a card deck of 20 – 30 cards (40), a maximum of 3 cards (5), 4,000 life points (8,000) on the field, and 4 cards on the hand at the start (5). In the usual format, the values ​​are slightly higher (see brackets). The rules for the monsters, the trap cards and the spells remain the same. Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gems Hack
  • Card Deck Construction : It is good at the beginning that you have a lot of monsters with good attack values ​​and / or have in your deck, and not so many magic and trap cards, as this will only slow your map deck. If you have good monsters, then you can usually overlap your opponent. You should therefore use a maximum of half the number of magic and fall cards, like monsters. For 20 monsters, there should be a maximum of 10 spells and traps. Later, you will have more cards and then a few more spells / traps will be used, which also makes the duel more complex, but in the beginning the monsters should direct your game. Also, remember that you do not have more than 2 or 3 monsters that have five or more stars.
  • Spells are still important: You should also add some magic cards to your deck. Try to have a good mix of offensive, reinforcement and support charms on your deck. This way, attack spells like “Raimei” can exert pressure on your opponents while you cast your own monsters with reinforcement spells like Dragon Treasure (+300 Attack and Defense for Dragons). Support spells may be the most useful spells, but require some timing to be used effectively. “Block Attack” and “Block Defense” are very good examples of how spells can be used at the right moment, can put your opponents in dire trouble.
  • Case maps per situation : case maps are a little more situational. They can be used in very special cases. Therefore, you should have an inkling of what cards your opponent has on his deck.
  • Rare : Rare and very rare cards are usually monsters with 6 or more stars. These cards are mostly the pulling horses in your deck. Do not take too many of them, however, as you will find yourself in situations in which you have no evildoer monsters in your hand. If you play them at the right moment, they can win the game for you. Keep in mind, however, that your opponent can easily defeat your very rare monster with the right monsters, spells, or traps if you do not protect them properly.
    The blue-eyed White Dragon with the ice-cold look belonged from the beginning to the rarities among the valuable cards.
  • Gems : This is the currency in the game with which you can buy cards (booster packs) in the shop. Basically, it is sparkling gemstones that serve as payment. You can get them in different ways. As you can see in our extra guide on the subject.
  • Duplicate Cards : Of course, you may also have doubles or cards. You can exchange them. When exchanging, you do not get any other cards, but gold or batches, stones and jewels. Go to the map studio, if you have decided to change. Which are your cards, you can see that they are colored. Now press the corresponding card and choose “Convert”. So change this card and clear up in your deck.
  • Make the duel quiz : If you have reached level 4, you get the task to complete the duel quiz. Do this in any case, as you will receive some great cards when rewarding you all. For example, you can get the block attack card. This is a Spell Card that forces monsters that are in Attack Position into the Defense Position.
  • Leveln also wants to be learned : You have a certain number of trials or duels available. These will be displayed at the top of the screen on the left side. Every duel you play, therefore, consumes one of these attempts. If you climb a step, you will get back to it. So play all the duels before you level up, so you can enjoy it all.
You can join Yu-Gi-Oh! Play duel links in different modes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – Get more rewards

After each duel, you will get Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel left points. Almost every action is evaluated . So your performance is important for the score and the reward that awaits you. Per 1,000 points there is a reward for you. These can be jewels , keys , but also new cards . For what actions you get points, see the following table:

action score
No loss of life 500
+3,000 damage from a monster 500
Tribute Summoning 300
Special Summon 100
5, 7 or 10 monsters destroyed 100/200/300
Magic card played 100 (one time)
Case card played 100 (one time)

Dear men, let the following things be said, if you ever want to be fucked again by a Tinder-Girl.


The fact that Tinder has contributed his part to the prediction of our society and still has a bit of complicity in the fact that our generation is a bunch of ruthless self-proponents does not alter the fact that Tinder is pretty much the best place in the world if one is looking for short-term entertainment And / or sex . This is probably the reason why I have already been registered three times on Tinder.
The reason why I deleted my profile again and again in a light-hearted moment is probably the fact that as a woman on Tinder you get to see things that you would like to immediately flush with a lot of perfume from your brain . There is a perverse, distressing Sodom and Gomorrah on the men’s Tinder profiles, and the same is almost as blind as the perfume-almost overtly overturned upper body, half-stiff penises, and absurd description texts.

Dear men of this world: Please stop showing up so crappy on the Internet and let the following seven things be said of me if you ever want to be fucked again by a Tinder-Girl.

Fetish pictures

The “I Love Female Feet” profile of a passionate toe lollipop or a “diaper lover” who gathers his Tinderellas with a picture of his ass wrapped in a diaper are just two of the gorgeous fetishes encountered in the dating paradise. On the other hand, a 28-year-old Windelarsch is a perfect reason to erase Tinder for the fourth time and to make sure that you never miss a second with this shit. On the other hand, you definitely know what you are dealing with. The Diaper-Lover does not conceal his dirty thoughts, but leaves them free to run in his adult diapers and the whole world can participate in it. At least we girls here are not dazzled by badly edited selfies, but immediately with the hard, In diapers squirting truth. Nevertheless, you must be aware that your fetish images are our diaphragm.


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Upper body images

Just as girls like to brag about their breasts and put them on Tinder more or less skilfully by strapping them under the chin with the help of their cheap Dirndl, the male athletes and gymnastics want to present their body. With herausblitzendem Calvin Klein cuffs and the slight pubic approach including (erroneously called by some as “The Road of Happiness”, although it almost always leads to a dead end) you want so score with women? If your audience from Q-Dorf -Besucherinnen is, you have so well succeed. Otherwise, I can only advise you not to spread Close-ups of your upper body more on the Internet. show us prefer your face. If you’re ugly around the eyes,

Description text

The description texts on Tinder are the essence, which in case of doubt decides whether you get a heart or an X. Men like to share their body size (alternatively penis size), write that they are a real bad boy, or want to win the hearts of the women with a particularly profound quote from Ghandi or Drake. But probably there is a bit of truth in every description text, and if you see such a pretentious, self-loving, or pseudo-profound bullshit as a proper short biography for you, this is probably true. Just do not expect any willing girls, who are lying at your feet because of your word-work.

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Pictures of your stand

The stand image is the small, much worse twins brother of the upper body images. Correctly, this twin brother, who lives in Horror film and chained on the attic and after his death the family heimucht. Of course, Tinder is ultimately about sex, so images from your stature are also legitimate in a strange, twisted way. In another rational way they are definitely not, because at a date you do not give a woman a greeting (hopefully) also simply your penis in the face. The mere possession of a penis does not automatically qualify you for the Tinder-Recall, I’m sorry. I do not want to say that the quality of your best piece is irrelevant-a first impression, however, I would rather have from your person, Your face and your radiance. The penis is usually explored only a little later.

Holiday pictures with animals

Have you ever ridden on an elephant? Wow. A monkey pushed you with a wheelchair through an African village? You are so mundane and experienced – and still animal-loving. And that is what you want to show us with these pictures? We understood it. In the ideal case, you can also see your tanned upper body in the picture, which shines with so much sunshine only and distracts us from your rather moderate face. Though I hate you and never ever give you data, you have enriched my life because I have actually seen a picture of a wheelchair pushing monkey – which makes me very happy.


On days when I feel ugly or ugly, I go no matter, in which weather – basically only with sunglasses from the house. But that does not mean that I have to make my profile picture for Tinder on these days or with this look. Types that have only sunglasses images on Tinder do not seem to know what the difference between cat days in real life and profile image days is for social media. OK, if you do not want to keep your new sunglasses, which you bought for half of your precarious internship salary , the women’s world by no means, then it does. No one will blame you or will not want you to match because you wear sunglasses in one of several pictures. On the rest of the pictures, your face should at least be approximate, because otherwise one quickly becomes suspicious. Only on vacation pictures are sunglasses regularly allowed, and since vacation pictures – as we have already learned – actually have nothing to look at Tinder, let better be both both.

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The bad sayings

If you have a match with a girl you really like, then there is only one deadly sin – the bad match. I think no romance and no successful affair starts with the saying “Can you swim? I would really like to push you into the pool “or with the simple exclamation” bosom! ” Yes, I have bosom, Sherlock. Stop thinking girls would find such sayings funny or not aware of their anatomy. Neither the bosom type nor the pool bumpers got a response from me. And if you get an answer from yourselves on such a saying, this woman will stick forever. Because she is obviously just as horny as her. If your lame Tinder profiles really a girl falls, It is even worse around our world than Verena thought.

The EA Sports star game continues to evolve as it does every year, and in the delivery for the 2016/2017 season it continues to improve facets of the game. But many of the improvements, looking for more realism, end up also increasing the difficulty, so we will briefly summarize through tutorials and video tutorials, the fundamental aspects that we must master, the best tips and tricks FIFA 17.

The most important FIFA 17 tricks

The penalties

Like the rest of the plays, the penalties have changed. The dynamics remain the same, but now we will have to be more aware of the previous position of the player and of the race until it hits the ball. When it comes to being under the sticks, there is no great novelty.

In any case, it is advisable to review the technique well in order not to fail, or to take advantage or better possible this type of plays that are more habitual than it seems. In this section to which you have to dedicate some time, there are many tricks FIFA 17.

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Something similar happens to the penalties. The dynamics remain the same, although the number of variants and possibilities is expanded, and also with each player must choose well the choice of shot we want, as it has to adapt to their skills and attributes.

The power, effects, placement, positioning of the player, his skills, the use of additional players. To dominate this facet is even more important than the penalties. Not everyone knows how to throw fouls, although it takes years to play, and it is the ball game that depends more on our ability with the controls.

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Fouls of rabona

This more than a trick looks like a bug. They have a very high effectiveness, can only throw them Cristiano Ronaldo, and to make matters worse are easier to execute than a lack with effect. It is true that not from any position they work.

You can make rabolas at other times of the game, both to center and to shoot at the door. We leave a video tutorial of rabonas, so that they can perform them whenever they want.

Fouls below the barrier

They have always existed, but they are still one of the best tricks FIFA 17. If the barrier jumps, usually do to cover the usual launch, leave a gap that we can take advantage of shooting and will be very likely to finish goal. It’s not one of the new tricks FIFA 17, but it’s still just as effective.

Launch of corners

It is the section of stampede that most new features in the new FIFA 17. More than one of the tricks FIFA 17, is going to be one of the easiest ways to score. The possibility of aiming and directing the ball better towards the spaces has led to reactions of concern on the part of the gamers. It is feared that it may be too easy to score corner goals and is expected to be a much more influential play in the game than it was until now.

It is expected that due to their impact, teams with good centerers and with high finishers will occupy the top positions among the most played teams of the game. Teams like Manchester or Real Madrid should benefit, but teams like FC Barcelona, ​​quite the opposite.

Chopped head shots

It is one of the novelties of FIFA 17, now the head captions can be stung, or directed at the height of the feet. If the corners end up being as determinant as it seems, it will be a forced variant of learning.

We leave you with a video tutorial so you do not have to learn the technique of one of the new tricks FIFA 17:


In the first versions that were incorporated it seemed that they were going to remain in mere adornments. But nowadays, those who dominate them are very likely to impose themselves on their rivals. So it is advisable to master at least 3 or 4.

Let’s take into account that each player can execute watermarks based on the stars in skill moves. That is, the most complicated can only be made by players with five stars in ability. These are players with 5 stars in skill moves .


The centers have been one of the great disadvantaged in recent editions. The best players of FIFA 17 in the world hardly use them since they argue that they have lost enough effectiveness and prefer to use dribbling and attack by the center matching.

We think that we should not give up the races by the band looking for the head shot if we have the appropriate players for it. Although now more than ever we must master this technique if we want to take advantage of it.

Here we leave a video tutorial with a technique of center that continues to work quite well:

In-depth pass through

It is an alternative to the centers and still works quite well. Depending on the player we are driving and the position of the field we are in can be much more effective than centering. But it requires players with vision and long pass who attend. And also players with clear and speed to receive the ball.

For many it is the best way to “center”. We leave a video tutorial of passes in depth that has no waste:

Attributes and abilities

It may seem obvious, but you have to know our players perfectly. And that means not staying in the global ratings or the 6 main attributes. Each attribute is composed of abilities that define what type of moves is most suitable for our player. And that team member is the most suitable to perform certain actions.

With the attribute “passes” it looks very clear. There are several skills such as centers, short passes and long passes. And the normal thing is that except the best players of the game only stand out in some of them. That is, no matter how good a goalkeeper is, to give the last pass or seek assistance, it is very unlikely that it will be good in all three skills, so we must choose how to give that pass according to his best ability.

The best players by position

It may seem obvious. But by reviewing the best players in each position, attribute or skill, we are sure to find players who can be very useful to improve our team. Both because they individually improve what we have and because their abilities compensate those of our team. It is advisable to know in advance the attributes and skills that we already have among our players.


With the latest update, the three new legendary cards Lavahund, Mineur and Funki are now available at Clash Royale.

For a few days now, many of us have been eagerly waiting for the new Clash Royale characters such as the Lavahund. Now the legendary maps are finally available and we explain to you the characteristics of Lavahund, Mineur & Funki in this post.

At the end of the article you will find an impressive video in which the newcomers are in combat. Worth watching!

In addition to the legendary newcomers, there are now also fire spirits, oven and watchman.

Clash Royale Lavahund (Lava Hound)

The Lavahund was mentioned a few days ago, and it was speculated whether he would come or not. The Lavahund is a majestic flying beast attacking the building. The lava marshes are less majestic furious babies, who are attacking everything.


Clash Royale Mineur (Miner)

The mineur is a real talent because he can dig up an underground path and reappear in the arena. But it is not magic but its shovel that allows him that 😉

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Clash Royale Funki (Sparky)

The Funki could remind you of a design idea from Boom Beach. But this is not what makes Funki so special. Because Funki is enormously powerful and has a destructive force of 1898 which must be used however only once correctly. If you see the Sparky the first time in the game, you will be surprised how big this is.

Video with Lavahund, Mineur, Funki & Co

In the following video you can take a look what Funki & Co can do. Really impressive and see who can best deal with it.

Clash Royale Fire Spirit, Oven & Watcher

You will find the other new maps in a separate article for a better overview. There we go closer to the fire spirits, the oven and the guards.

Clash Royale Overview

Are you looking for more interesting articles on Clash Royale? Then check out our Clash Royale overview for further contributions.