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Simplify Your Morning Routine and Have a Great Day


Have you ever wished mornings wouldn’t have to be such a struggle to wake up to and you could head out the door to work without rushing, looking harried, or thinking you might have forgotten something? Wouldn’t it be nice to tackle a brand new day confidently, blissfully, and stress-free? Sounds really good, right? Nothing comes too easily and like every good or bad habit it will take a little bit of work and practice.. But you’re setting up a good habit to set yourself up for some good outcomes in life, so it’s really a win-win situation.  So where do you begin? It all starts with how you deal and simplify your morning routine. Here are some ways for you to enhance and take charge of your day:

What’s your typical morning routine? Jot them down.

In the process, you might realize there are some parts in your routine that are out-of-order, random or time-consuming. Now that you have the chance to outline the way you intend your mornings to be, how would it be?

Plan ahead.

Create a checklist of things that you need each day or write it down and put it where you won’t miss it like the hallway or the back of the door. This way you wouldn’t have to run franctically in circles trying to recall which items you need to bring before heading out the door every single day.  Prepping and eating breakfast typically takes a chunk of your time in the mornings and thinking of what to have for breakfast can cut off a fraction of that time when you know what and how much to prepare. The same thing goes for outfits to wear. It could save you literally each a minute for every item of clothing you pick out in advance.

Fix-up your breakfast the night before.

Overnight oats are huge thing right now. And you know what’s the most awesome thing about it is? Not only is it healthy, you can make it ahead of time (no fuss, no muss!) and tastes even better in the morning. Or you can chop up fruits for your power smoothie and or get the cooking ingredients measured out and ready before you head out to bed.

Have a bathroom schedule in place.

Avoid some waiting-related tension and have a bathroom schedule in place if you’re living with several people and have a single bathroom.

Wake up early.

Set up your alarm at an earlier time than the usual time you wake up. Do your best not to hit the snooze button when the alarm rings and get out of the bed as soon as you turn off the alarm. If  it’s especially difficult to will yourself to get up, try placing the clock on a farther end of your room so you that you will have to haul yourself out of bed in order to turn off the alarm. When you wake up early, it gives you a moment to focus on yourself before the frenetic day starts.

Let the sunshine in.

What could be more energizing and spirit-uplifting than waking up with natural light streaming on your face? So pull back your curtains or blinds and soak up the morning light when you wake up.

 Get excited. Smile!

Play music that wakes and cheers you up, not only does it sets the mood but is also a good way to time yourself.  For instance you can remind yourself you should be out the door by the time you reach a certain song in your playlist. And don’t forget to smile, even if you don’t feel like  doing it, trust me it won’t be difficult to convince yourself in trying to be happy when you have a smile on your face. You know what they say, fake it ’til you make it.

Have a media-free breakfast.

That means no TV, no internet-browsing of any form while you have your breakfast. Give yourself time to enjoy and relish your meal free of any distractions. Don’t worry, you will have time to check your email and the news in a little bit.

Wait until you’re dressed and ready-to-go before checking your phone.

It’s better to deal with the barrage of  information and tasks when you’re already energized and ready to tackle the day ahead than while still half-awake and in your PJ’s.

These are just some of the many things you can do to gain control of your mornings and in many ways gain control a part of your life. If you’ve had a bad day yesterday, take comfort in the fact that you have been gifted with a brand new day. That in the moment that you have now, you have power to create your day and the power to change your attitude and habits.

Here’s to us having blessed and blissful mornings!





Trendspotted: Leather Overalls

The overalls revival has really taken off as of late thanks in part to the fashion world’s en masse infatuation/nostalgia for the bygone 90′s as evidenced by runway features by the likes of Alexander Wang, Balmain, Rag and Bone among others  in recent seasons. Commonly seen in denim form, the trend has recently spawned a new variation — the leather overalls — that savvy style setters have already been snapped wearing.  To me this style renders less mental association with kiddos and grimy menial work, looks sleeker, and every bit tough-chic. Check out how the cool denizens are rocking the leather overalls: overalls-trend10overalls-trend13 overalls-trend2 overalls-trend4 overalls-trend5 overalls-trend6 overalls-trend7 overalls-trend8 overalls-trend9 overalls-trend11 overalls-trend12overalls trend



Red Suede Ankle Boots for Less

Red Suede Ankle Boots for Less
Aperlai Red Suede Kate Boots | Michael Antonio Marty Red Suede Boots

What better way to spice up your fall wardrobe than with a pair of red suede ankle boots!  It’s very versatile and you can practically pair it with anything from your basic jeans to shirtdresses. Plus the pop of color leaves you looking anything but blah in the coming colder weather. The Aperlai booties are very covetable but you can get the same look and even more bang for the buck with the lovely pair from Michael Antonio.

Here are a couple of ways of rocking the red boots this fall as seen on fellow stylistas:

With dark wash jeans, basic tee and an anorak

Casual in dark wash jeans, basic tee and an anorak via DistrictofChic

With a sporty sweater via AikA_Style

Sporty in athletic-inspired sweater via AikA_Style

Or a flirty dress via StyleSpectra

Sweet in a flirty dress via StyleSpectra

Lovely in cozy stockings and a camel coat via kokoluxe

Lovely in cozy stockings and a camel coat via kokoluxe

Office ready in skinny jeans and ivory moto jacket via LonelyColours

Office ready in skinny jeans and ivory moto jacket via LonelyColours



Charlotte Olympia’s Shanghai Express Shoe Collection for Fall 2014

shanghai express collection


For its Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection, Charlotte Olympia looked to the Far East and drew inspiration from ancient China’s dynasties and culture. Highlights include her signature tongue-in-cheek interpretations of a Ming Vase, the dragon motif, and a panda among others.  While there’s been some  audible grumblings from other fellow fashionistas that the collection is toeing the line of kitsch and blatant cultural appropriation (it does IMO), no one can argue that Charlotte Olympia’s footwear is drab and dreary.  I wish the overt translation of Chinese decora stereotypes had been toned down a little bit because it would have been a beautiful collection overall.  The takeaway here is that the shoes are undeniably whimsical and visually arresting so I think it would just boil down to how you wear these pieces and the occassion you’ll be wearing them.  Also because, pandas. Pandas! Pandas always rock.Charlotte-Olympia_shoes33 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes01 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes02 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes03 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes04 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes05 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes06 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes07 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes08 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes09 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes10 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes11 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes12 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes13 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes14 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes15 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes16 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes17 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes18 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes19 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes20 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes21 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes22 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes23 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes24 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes25 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes26 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes27 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes28 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes29 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes30 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes31 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes32


What do you think of this collection? Is it a hit or a miss?


12 Things to Remind Yourself Today (Photos)

You are loved and adored

you are loved

Worry Less

worry less


Take Charge!

take charge


Trust your intuition

listen to yourself


Surround yourself with good people

invest in people


beauty not in lbs


no negative thoughts


Veggies are friends



And so are fruits *wink* *wink*

 pineapple love


This is it! 

this is the sign

It’s a brand new day 


And today is a beautiful day… don’t let it get away! 

its a beautiful day




Hardware Chic: Miu Miu’s Fall 2014 Shoe Collection

Practicality meets pretty was the order of the day at Miucca Prada’s Fall RTW 2014 show, sending out model after model in candy-colored PVC jackets, pastel anoraks and flirty frocks. What was quite noteworthy in this collection, was the delicate balance of lady-like charm and badassery as shown on Miu Miu’s cheeky use of nuts and bolts (and a door-stopper!) on the footwear collection’s heels.

Hardware for heels — is it a yay or a nay?


Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_5 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_6 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_7 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_8 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_9 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_10 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_11 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_12 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_13 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_1 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_2 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_3 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014_4




Live in the Moment

Paulo Coelho Living in the moment

photo credit: Oprah.com


The oft-quoted phrase of “living in the moment” may seem like such an easy thing to say but in reality takes a lot of will and practice. But when you learn how to be mindful of the present, you will find out that worry less, your health is better,  and an even deeper appreciation and understanding of what is happening every second of your life. Here are some exercises to get you started practicing the habit of staying grounded in the moment:

Dance with abandon

Let go of your preconceived notions and fears about not looking good while dancing.  Let go and let your body move freely to the music. Enjoy the freedom. By lessening self-conscious thoughts, you are more inclined to enjoy what you are doing.

Savor life using your senses

Relish and enjoy anything you are doing in the moment. It could be from savoring the taste of your morning coffee, the warmth of the sun or the sound of the ocean waves. We’re often worrying about what the past has wrought or what the future holds that we often to savor much less enjoy the goodness unfolding in the present. By letting yourself savor and stay in the moment, you are letting yourself veer away from negative thoughts that have already happened and can’t be undone as well as things that have not happened.

Be still, do nothing

Dedicate at least a few minutes each day doing absolutely nothing.  Put down your smartphone, disconnect, and sit still in silence. Focus on your breathing. When you concentrate on your breath, you ground yourself in the moment  as well the abundance of experience the present is giving you and away from distracting thoughts that drive you to feel restless, anxious and upset.

How do you manage to stay in the moment? I would love to hear from you!


Outfit Inspiration: Beyoncé for CR Fashion Book

As you may have already heard of, Beyoncé recently came out as the cover of Carine Roitifeld’s fifth magazine issue for the CR Fashion Book. Shot by well-known photographer Pierre Debusschere and directed by Givenchy’s Richard Tisci, the feature also marks as Beyoncé’s first collaboration with Roitifeld, the former French Vogue editor. In one of the spread, the floral cape stood out for me and I was really drawn by the vibrancy and the powerful confidence Beyoncé carried the haute couture piece. The outfit ensemble is inspired by that particular photograph and also pays homage to the strong woman style of our leader of the universe Beyoncé. Also because this is real life (drats!) and not everyone can dare to prance around (seriously, where do you really wear it?! LOL) in a Yohji Yamamoto cape all day.

Blue Floral Print 1/2 Sleeve Tunic Dress / B Brian Atwood pointy toe pumps / Flaska Laverne metallic purse / Blue earrings 
Have you been inspired by Queen B’s recent fashion spread?

Hard not to Fall in Love With Reed Krakoff’s Shoes for Fall

Reed Krakoff Shoes Fall/Winter 2014

There’s a lot to love about Reef Krakoff’s shoes — they’re sleek and spare but the attention to detail won’t leave you yawning.  From the the cobalt blue sandals with the back of the heels  lined with shearling and the side panels with suede down to the restrained pops of metal piping around the heels on the booties and pumps. Scroll down and drool with me:


Reed Krakoff Shoes2
Reed krakoff Shoes1
Reed Krakoff Shoes3
Reed Krakoff Shoes4
Reed Krakoff Shoes5
Reed Krakoff Shoes6
Reed Krakoff Shoes7
Find something you like?

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