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6 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated

6 Simple Ways to Get MotivatedHitting a slump?

It’s perfectly understandable to go through challenges and dips in motivation levels. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated when overwhelmed with so much to do. Fortunately, there are ways to refocus and stay on track and here are some of them:

do what you loveFind what it is what you love to do and do it. In challenging times, it’s easier to plow on when you are reminded about your purpose and the passion for whatever you are doing.

positive affirmationsStart the day with positive affirmations. Saying, for instance “I am awesome and I can do this!” on repeat is a powerful exercise in shifting your thinking to a more positive frame and allowing yourself to open up to new possibilities.

surround yourself positiveSurround yourself with people who support you. When things get tough, they’ll be there to encourage you to stick to your guns and remind you how awesome you are.

get enough sleepStock up on the Zzz’s. It’s science-backed, we need quality sleep to function better and think clearer.

neat workspaceCreate a clean and clutter-free workspace. Clutter affects productivity and motivation so find time and make an effort to clean and organize your desk.

vision boardMake a vision board. Instead of just imagining your goals, use photos so you have concrete to look at to anchor your purpose in life. Better yet, place it in your workspace to inspire you and remind you what you are working for and why.

What do you do keep yourself motivated and stay on track? Share your tips, darlings!

Birds of a Feather ~ OOTD



Hi loves, it’s been a long time coming but I’m back to posting OOTD looks on the blog!!  Today I had a client meeting and I wanted to look chic and comfy with minimal effort.  I’m in love with this combo it’s simple, chic and streamlines with a 70′s vibe. I added the heels with the bow to give it a little bit of girlyness and kept the heels black to  make the look sleek.  Between the embroidery on the sweater and the texture on the pants I opted for minimal accessories and even went minimal with the purse.  I’ve been looking at this sweater in my closet since the launch of the Altuzarra for Target collection launched ( I was seriously there the day it launched..lol) so I wanted the sweater to shine in this ootd.  The sunnies with the brown big lenses add a little bit of intrigue and a slight pop of another color.  The bracelet and purse are thrifted,  I so love mixing current trendy pieces with touches of older styles, this brings me so much joy…lol  For a better look at the heels check out my IG page here!  Get the look yourself below…Thanks for stopping by!! Muuuuah!!


All the Lovely Things to Inspire You This Autumn Season

Fall is inevitably here and despite our love for warm summer, there’s something about the crisp and cool air of autumn that feels like a sigh of relief.  Here are a couple of things to inspire you this fall season:

18 Quotes That Will Make You Fall in Love With Autumn 

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17 autumn-inspired recipes for a healthy and delicious breakfast to jumpstart your day

Like this Protein Pumpkin Oatmeal. There's more here.

Like this Protein Pumpkin Oatmeal.

Yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte But Healthier 

Good stuff, man.

Good stuff, man.

or at the other end of the spectrum 21 boozy drinks to whip up this fall 

Three Words: Warm Vanilla Cider.

Three Words: Warm Vanilla Cider.

Fall in love with these 20 autumn-inspired manis

Brit + Co

And show ‘em off all season

3 Fresh Ways to Tie a Scarf 

Harper's BAZAAR

Harper’s BAZAAR

What to Keep and What to Put Away in your Wardrobe for Fall this Year

Who What Wear

Hashtag I Woke Up Like This

Gorgeous Home Decor Ideas for Fall

autumn decor ideas

Time to get crafty

11 Different Ways to Bring the Scent of Autumn Into Your Home 

11 Different Ways to Bring the Scent of Autumn Into Your Home

It’s the bees knees.

Lovely wedding color palettes to choose from 

Autumn Color Palettes

all beautiful

Plus Halloween Wedding Ideas That Are Classy, Not Creepy! 

The Knot

definitely not creepy

37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas 


No need to wield a giant carving knife

Pretty Front Entry Decorating Ideas for Fall 

Better Homes & Gardens

Budget-friendly too.


What do you love about fall and what are you looking forward to do this fall? Share your inspiration!



Dressing Slimmer with the Right Shoes

While they don’t really shave off pounds off your weight, shoes have a way of highlighting your best assets and that means fickle fashion trends aside, picking the right foot candy is very crucial.

Shoes with Heels 

photo credit: maytedoll.blogspot.com

photo credit: maytedoll.blogspot.com

You don’t have to necessarily totter in painfully high-heels, a comfortable lift will suffice  in elongating your pins.

Minimal Details

photo credit: shirleyswardrobe.com/

photo credit: shirleyswardrobe.com/

Open-toed heeled sandals with minimalist straps is somewhat akin to plunging necklines the way it vertically highlights a feature in your body. In this case, it gives off the illusion of slimmer ankles and longer calves.

Pointy-Toed Pumps

photo credit: wardrobelooks.com

photo credit: wardrobelooks.com

Classy and classic. Pointed-toe shoes much like tapered pants seemingly extends the illusion of length on your legs.


photo credit: whowhatwear.com

Give your pointy-toed pumps a rest and opt for this sleeker alternative instead.


Do you have a favorite figure-flattering shoe? Share your tips!




Sophia Webster Shoe Collection for A/W 2014

Sophia Webster Shoes AW2014Just one look at “Nicole” with the pink marabou trim and I was immediately thrown back by how much I felt like  Cher Horowitz Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless would have adored this shoe or perhaps everything in this collection. And I couldn’t have been more far off the mark because I later learned Sophia Webster, a former Nicholas Kirkwood-protégé and a relative newcomer to the scene, took her inspiration from what she calls Beverly Hills Bratz with some major heartsick issues and dubbed her collection “The Heartsick Hotel”. As dreary and depressing the theme may sound, the shoes were anything but! Featuring details such as oversaturated pops of color, sweet rosettes, marabou trims — these wouldn’t have looked out of place in any teenage girl’s world.

Sophia Webster Finn Red Hound Sandal


sophia webster greta electric blue mule


sophia webster jessica fur baby blue pump


Sophia Webster Jojo Pastel Sandal


Sophia Webster Katy red Hound Boot


sophia webster lola hound pump


Sophia Webster Louby Blue Fur Mule


sophia webster nicole fur baby blue sandal

Nicole Baby Blue Fur

Sophia Webster Nicole Pink Sandal

Nicole Pink

Sophia Webster Nola Red Hound Sandal


Sophia Webster Remmie Black Pump-1


sophia webster renee lunar pump



Does her shoe collection tickle your fancy? Tell me more in the comments section below!


Simplify Your Morning Routine and Have a Great Day

early morning lightHave you ever wished mornings wouldn’t have to be such a struggle to wake up to and you could head out the door to work without rushing, looking harried, or thinking you might have forgotten something? Wouldn’t it be nice to tackle a brand new day confidently, blissfully, and stress-free? Sounds really good, right? Nothing comes too easily and like every good or bad habit it will take a little bit of work and practice.. But you’re setting up a good habit to set yourself up for some good outcomes in life, so it’s really a win-win situation.  So where do you begin? It all starts with how you deal and simplify your morning routine. Here are some ways for you to enhance and take charge of your day:

What’s your typical morning routine? Jot them down.

In the process, you might realize there are some parts in your routine that are out-of-order, random or time-consuming. Now that you have the chance to outline the way you intend your mornings to be, how would it be?

Plan ahead.

Create a checklist of things that you need each day or write it down and put it where you won’t miss it like the hallway or the back of the door. This way you wouldn’t have to run franctically in circles trying to recall which items you need to bring before heading out the door every single day.  Prepping and eating breakfast typically takes a chunk of your time in the mornings and thinking of what to have for breakfast can cut off a fraction of that time when you know what and how much to prepare. The same thing goes for outfits to wear. It could save you literally each a minute for every item of clothing you pick out in advance.

Fix-up your breakfast the night before.

Overnight oats are huge thing right now. And you know what’s the most awesome thing about it is? Not only is it healthy, you can make it ahead of time (no fuss, no muss!) and tastes even better in the morning. Or you can chop up fruits for your power smoothie and or get the cooking ingredients measured out and ready before you head out to bed.

Have a bathroom schedule in place.

Avoid some waiting-related tension and have a bathroom schedule in place if you’re living with several people and have a single bathroom.

Wake up early.

Set up your alarm at an earlier time than the usual time you wake up. Do your best not to hit the snooze button when the alarm rings and get out of the bed as soon as you turn off the alarm. If  it’s especially difficult to will yourself to get up, try placing the clock on a farther end of your room so you that you will have to haul yourself out of bed in order to turn off the alarm. When you wake up early, it gives you a moment to focus on yourself before the frenetic day starts.

Let the sunshine in.

What could be more energizing and spirit-uplifting than waking up with natural light streaming on your face? So pull back your curtains or blinds and soak up the morning light when you wake up.

 Get excited. Smile!

Play music that wakes and cheers you up, not only does it sets the mood but is also a good way to time yourself.  For instance you can remind yourself you should be out the door by the time you reach a certain song in your playlist. And don’t forget to smile, even if you don’t feel like  doing it, trust me it won’t be difficult to convince yourself in trying to be happy when you have a smile on your face. You know what they say, fake it ’til you make it.

Have a media-free breakfast.

That means no TV, no internet-browsing of any form while you have your breakfast. Give yourself time to enjoy and relish your meal free of any distractions. Don’t worry, you will have time to check your email and the news in a little bit.

Wait until you’re dressed and ready-to-go before checking your phone.

It’s better to deal with the barrage of  information and tasks when you’re already energized and ready to tackle the day ahead than while still half-awake and in your PJ’s.

These are just some of the many things you can do to gain control of your mornings and in many ways gain control a part of your life. If you’ve had a bad day yesterday, take comfort in the fact that you have been gifted with a brand new day. That in the moment that you have now, you have power to create your day and the power to change your attitude and habits.

Here’s to us having blessed and blissful mornings!





Trendspotted: Leather Overalls

Leather Overalls trend

The overalls revival has really taken off as of late thanks in part to the fashion world’s en masse infatuation/nostalgia for the bygone 90′s as evidenced by runway features by the likes of Alexander Wang, Balmain, Rag and Bone among others  in recent seasons. Commonly seen in denim form, the trend has recently spawned a new variation — the leather overalls — that savvy style setters have already been snapped wearing.  To me this style renders less mental association with kiddos and grimy menial work, looks sleeker, and every bit tough-chic. Check out how the cool denizens are rocking the leather overalls:

overalls-trend10overalls-trend13 overalls-trend2 overalls-trend4 overalls-trend5 overalls-trend6 overalls-trend7 overalls-trend8 overalls-trend9 overalls-trend11 overalls-trend12overalls trend



Red Suede Ankle Boots for Less

Red Suede Ankle Boots for Less
Aperlai Red Suede Kate Boots | Michael Antonio Marty Red Suede Boots

What better way to spice up your fall wardrobe than with a pair of red suede ankle boots!  It’s very versatile and you can practically pair it with anything from your basic jeans to shirtdresses. Plus the pop of color leaves you looking anything but blah in the coming colder weather. The Aperlai booties are very covetable but you can get the same look and even more bang for the buck with the lovely pair from Michael Antonio.

Here are a couple of ways of rocking the red boots this fall as seen on fellow stylistas:

With dark wash jeans, basic tee and an anorak

Casual in dark wash jeans, basic tee and an anorak via DistrictofChic

With a sporty sweater via AikA_Style

Sporty in athletic-inspired sweater via AikA_Style

Or a flirty dress via StyleSpectra

Sweet in a flirty dress via StyleSpectra

Lovely in cozy stockings and a camel coat via kokoluxe

Lovely in cozy stockings and a camel coat via kokoluxe

Office ready in skinny jeans and ivory moto jacket via LonelyColours

Office ready in skinny jeans and ivory moto jacket via LonelyColours



Charlotte Olympia’s Shanghai Express Shoe Collection for Fall 2014

charlotte olympia fall 2014

For its Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection, Charlotte Olympia looked to the Far East and drew inspiration from ancient China’s dynasties and culture. Highlights include her signature tongue-in-cheek interpretations of a Ming Vase, the dragon motif, and a panda among others.  While there’s been some  audible grumblings from other fellow fashionistas that the collection is toeing the line of kitsch and blatant cultural appropriation (it does IMO), no one can argue that Charlotte Olympia’s footwear is drab and dreary.  I wish the overt translation of Chinese decora stereotypes had been toned down a little bit because it would have been a beautiful collection overall.  The takeaway here is that the shoes are undeniably whimsical and visually arresting so I think it would just boil down to how you wear these pieces and the occassion you’ll be wearing them.  Also because, pandas. Pandas! Pandas always rock.Charlotte-Olympia_shoes33 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes01 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes02 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes03 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes04 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes05 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes06 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes07 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes08 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes09 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes10 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes11 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes12 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes13 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes14 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes15 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes16 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes17 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes18 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes19 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes20 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes21 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes22 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes23 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes24 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes25 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes26 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes27 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes28 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes29 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes30 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes31 Charlotte-Olympia_shoes32


What do you think of this collection? Is it a hit or a miss?



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